Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills

Best Male Enhancement

Top male enlargement supplements are among the self-administered methods of fighting erectile dysfunction and enhancing overall male sexual performance. These do-it-yourself techniques have risen in popularity in recent years, promoting not just penis enlargement but also taking overall energy, stamina, and sexual functioning to the next level.

Here are some sought-after male enlargement options available for men worldwide today:

Herbal Supplements

Aiming toward penis enlargement, better erectile strength and performance, enhanced stamina, and even prostate support are sex pills that contain natural ingredients and herbs. The typical herbal ingredient in these non-prescription pills include Korean ginseng extract, saw palmetto, fenugreek, horny goat weed, and tribulus terrestris, to name a few. Read our best male enhancement product reviews for a look at leading players in the marketplace today.

Cosmetic Techniques

The cosmetic method is where your penis can actually look bigger with simple cosmetic touches, such as implementing weight loss or simply making it a habit to trim your pubic hair.


Jelqing is also known as “milking,” and it is performed by wrapping your thumb and index finger around your penis while it is semi-erect. This will exercise its smooth muscle and other tissues. Jelqing can be combined with other DIY male enhancement techniques.

Penis Pump

There are also male enhancement seekers who use a penis pump, which is a cylinder fitted over the penis. A penis pump is usually used to treat erectile dysfunction, but take note that there is a price consideration: the higher-quality it is, the more expensive it will be.

The pump can be manual or motorized, creating suction. As a partial vacuum is created around your penis, blood is drawn into your genitals and helps engorge it. Beware, however, as excess, unnecessary pressure can cause not just a harder manhood but also unwelcome vascular damage.


Clamping is another self-applied technique where the target is to increase penile girth. It uses a device such as cable clamp, shoestring, or a penis ring to introduce constriction. Extreme precaution is necessary when doing clamping, because a metal cock ring stuck in your hardened power drill could only be removed using an emergency measure such as amputation.

Use of Cock Rings

These adult persuasions serve not just the purpose of adorning your manhood, but also supercharging it for a bigger, stronger appearance. Cock rings come in various types, adjustable sizes, and materials (metal, rubber, and everything in between), and it is important to pick a high-quality one. Utmost care and observance of the safety guidelines on the product packaging is crucial for maximum safety and effectiveness.

If you are to choose any of these male enhancement solutions, be sure to look at both efficacy and safety value. Whether you choose top male enlargement supplements or penis pumps or devices, err on the side of caution – always follow instructions and expert recommendations, and consider other users’ experience with the products.

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